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Imagen de Choir Boy, Level 3. Readers

Choir Boy, Level 3. Readers

Levels: 6, Elementary to Upper Intermediate CHOIR is the Central Headquarters of the Organisation for Invention and Research. It's top-secret! At CHOIR, highly intelligent young people make new inventions that will help the world. Harley Baxter has invented a robot. It's so life-like that he is (...)
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Imagen de Deadly Holiday, Level 3. Readers

Deadly Holiday, Level 3. Readers

Annie is on holiday in Australia with her friend Pat. They're visiting Pat's mother Noreen and her new family. But there's something odd about these people. When Annie hears a conversation between Noreen's new husband and a strange man, she starts to get worried. Then accidents start to happen. But (...)
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Imagen de Double Trouble, Level 3. Readers

Double Trouble, Level 3. Readers

Levels: 6, Elementary to Upper Intermediate Some strange things happen to the Robinson family on their holiday on the Fijian island of Tavioka. At first it's just small things that go wrong - someone steals their shoes, and they find their rooms full of toads! But then they start to feel their (...)
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Imagen de In Sarah's Dreams, Level 3. Readers

In Sarah's Dreams, Level 3. Readers

Elementary to Upper Intermediate Sarah Gregson hasn't made any friends at her new school. And Jill Cleary, the school bully, is making her life miserable. But when Sarah goes to sleep at night, she has a strange friend who comes into her dreams and shows her how things might be different. It's okay (...)
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Imagen de Little Cat And The Holidays

Little Cat And The Holidays

A la playa, a la montaña, al pueblo, a otra ciudad en un país extranjero… los amigos de Gatito ya tienen planes para el verano. Imaginan entre ellos cómo serán sus ansiadas vacaciones; solo Gatito parece no tener claro qué va a hacer cuando terminen las clases. La historia de “Gatito y las (...)
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Imagen de The Red Ladder

The Red Ladder

Protagonizado por un pájaro ingenuo y un ingenioso conejo, “La escalera roja” es un divertimento para pre-lectoresy primeros lectores que destaca por la sencillez de su propuesta estética, figurativa y con un planteamiento secuencial. Una parte del relato es acumulativa, en tanto enumera acciones y (...)
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Imagen de Romeo And Juliet

Romeo And Juliet

William Shakespeare's tragic story of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, is as relevant now as it was over 400 years ago. Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays. This Macmillan Reader is wriiten as a playscript and includes original extracts.
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Imagen de Persuasion


Austen, Jane At nineteen Anne Elliot refuses an offer of marriage from Frederick Wentworth, persuaded to do so by Lady Russell, a friend of her dead mother. Wentworth is a sailor, with no money and an uncertain future, says Lady Russell - just a nobody, certainly not worthy of a baronet's (...)
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Imagen de King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table

King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table

When Arthur pulls the sword from the stone, he becomes king of the land of Logres. Arthur chooses the beautiful Guinevere to be his queen and builds a castle at Camelot. Here he is joined by the famous Knights of the Round Table, whose adventures include slaying dragons, rescuing maidens and (...)
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Imagen de Beowulf (Inglés)

Beowulf (Inglés)

The mighty warrior Beowulf offers to help the King of the Danes in a quest to kill the vicious monster Grendel and free his people from terror. After killing Grendel, Beowulf must also kill the monster?s mother before he can return to his homeland, where he eventually becomes king. But he is called (...)
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Imagen de Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

Original / American English Martin Luther King had a dream. He wanted blacks and whites to live together happily. But in America in the 1950s and 1960s, all men were not equal. King led peaceful protests against the government and won changes for the blacks of America. But has King's dream really (...)
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Imagen de Are We Friends?

Are We Friends?

Because friendship is (at least) something of two: asking and giving, materially and emotional too.
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Imagen de The Last Celts : Galician Keltic Resistance Against Rome

The Last Celts : Galician Keltic Resistance Against Rome

Books the last of the celts full online in PDF, ePub, Mobi format, this History books, Award-winning author Tanner has journeyed throughout the Celtic world--from the wilds of Northwest Scotland to the Isle of Man, and from Boston to Cape Breton--seeking the Celtic past and what remains of (...)
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