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Imagen de Murder At Mortlock Hall

Murder At Mortlock Hall

A story at Level 3 of a series of children's illustrated ELT readers which are graded at five levels, according to length and complexity of plot. The stories cover a wide variety of genres, and have both British and foreign settings. Dramatized versions are available on cassette.
Temas Inglés
Imagen de Cry Freedom

Cry Freedom

They said Steve Biko was a man of violence; then why did he talk of peace? They said he wanted revolution; so why did he talk of friendship? They said he died of hunger; why was his body broken and bruised? This is the story of a man's fight with the government of South Africa. It is the story of (...)
Temas Inglés
Imagen de The Woman Who Disappeared

The Woman Who Disappeared

This is an Intermediate Level story in a series of ELT readers comprising a wide range of titles - some original and some simplified - from modern and classic novels, and designed to appeal to all age-groups, tastes and cultures. The books are divided into five levels: Starter Level, with about 300 (...)
Temas Inglés
Imagen de Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Le. Femmes Savantes. Malade

Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Le. Femmes Savantes. Malade

Apres les glorieuses fatigues et les exploits victorieux de notre auguste monarque, il est bien juste que tous ceux qui se melent d'ecrire travaillent ou a ses louanges, ou a son divertissement. C'est ce qu'ici l'on a voulu faire, et ce prologue est un essai des louanges de ce grand prince, qui (...)
Temas Inglés
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