Imagen de The Woman In White (1o.Logse)

The Woman In White (1o.Logse)

Walter Hartright is about to go and teach art in Cumberland in the North of England, but shortly before he leaves London, he has a strange encounter with a mysterious woman dressed all in white. He meets her again in Cumberland and his attempts to find out the truth about her lead him to a (...)
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Imagen de Paper Moon

Paper Moon

In 1935, Addie Pray is a little American girl. Her mother is dead and her father, Long Boy, isn’t an honest man. He tricks people and makes money illegally. But Addie loves Long Boy and soon starts to help him in his “business”. Together, they have many exciting adventures and lucky escapes from (...)
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Imagen de The Ghost Collection

The Ghost Collection

Who are the young boy and girl that appear in Miss Dodson's house and what are they looking for? Why do the boys at Harry's boarding school think he's crazy and why does a mysterious priest come to visit him? Who is the girl who haunts Sarah's new house and want to take control of her? Find the (...)
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Imagen de A Halloween Tale (1 Eso)

A Halloween Tale (1 Eso)

It's Halloween. Ben Jackson and his parents are forced to spend the night in a village called Bayley. When they arrive at the village inn, the man at the reception desk warns them to leave before it's too late. Something strange is going on, but what? Terrible things happen in Bayley on Halloween (...)
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