Bernard Smith

Imagen de The Ring (+cd)

The Ring (+cd)

One day Rafael was well; the next day he was completely mad. What happened to him? The story of Rafael and his gold ring is a strange story of murder, mystery and love. Many people know part of the story. But only Rafael knows the true facts. And Rafael is mad.
Temas Inglés
Imagen de The Last Photo

The Last Photo

Pam and Martin visit Cambridge. Pam takes a photo, but a man walks in front of her. Later Martin sees a picture of a man in a newspaper. The police want this man. Is he the same man? And where is he now? Does Pam’s photo have the answers?
Temas Inglés
Imagen de Muhammad Ali Book & CD Pack

Muhammad Ali Book & CD Pack

In 1974 two Black Americans fought in Zaire, in Africa. One was Muhammad Ali. After the fight, he was the boxing champion of the world — again. But why did a young boy from Kentucky start to box? Why did he stop boxing? And what is he doing now?
Temas Inglés
Imagen de The Slave Boy Of Pompeii (With Cd-Rom

The Slave Boy Of Pompeii (With Cd-Rom

Young Mico is a slave in a big house in Pompeii. His only friend is the house dog, Fortunatus. One quiet summer day, Fortunatus suddenly runs away. He takes Mico with him. What does the dog know? What is he afraid of? Is it, perhaps, the mountain behind the town?
Temas Inglés