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Imagen de Lost In New York

Lost In New York

British English This is Nicky s first visit to New York. He is going to stay with his aunt, but she is not at the airport. Then some older boys on motorbikes play a dangerous game with him. Not long after he arrives, the police are looking for Nicky. Can he find his aunt before the police find him? (...)
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Imagen de Robin Hood (Inglés)

Robin Hood (Inglés)

Starter' is an introductory level to the 'Oxford Bookworms Library' suitable for readers in their first or second years of learning English. Selected titles particularly suitable for early reading or remedial classes. * 250 HEADWORDS * Full colour illustrations to support the story
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Imagen de England Pack

England Pack

Twenty-five million people come to England every year, and some never go out of London. But England is full of interesting places to visit and things to do. There are big noisy cities with great shops and theatres, and quiet little villages. You can visit old castles and beautiful churches - or go (...)
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Imagen de Oxford Bookworms Library 3. The Railway Children Mp3 Pack

Oxford Bookworms Library 3. The Railway Children Mp3 Pack

We have to leave our house in London,' Mother said to the children. 'We're going to live in the country, in a little house near a railway line.' And so begins a new life for Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis. They become the railway children - they know all the trains, Perks the station porter is their (...)
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