Raymond Chandler

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Raymond Chandler The Leander pearls were stolen nineteen years ago. The thief was caught, but the pearls were never found, and there is still a $25,000 reward for anyone who finds them. Then somebody comes to private detective Carmady with a story about a guy who knows where the pearls are hidden. (...)
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Lady In The Lake Book And Mp3 Pack

Detective Philip Marlowe is looking for Derace Kingsley’s wife, Crystal. Is she dead or not? Marlowe finds more than one dead body and learns about women, drugs, men in love, and a police cover-up. Who killed The Lady in the Lake and why?
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O Longo Adeus

O longo adeus, publicada en 1953 e galardoada dous anos máis tarde co Premio Edgar que concede a Asociación de Escritores de Misterio dos Estados Unidos de América, está considerada a obra mestra de Raymond Chandler. Herdeira do estilo crítico e realista de Dashiell Hammett, o tempo converteuna nun (...)