From Nowhere

Navarro, Julia
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial España
Marca de agua digital

Which is harder?

Killing? Or dying?

Abir Nasr is a teenager that witnesses helpless the murder of his family during a mission of the Israeli Army, South of Lebanon. Before his mother and his little sister's dead bodies, he vows to hunt those responsible for the rest of his life.

Night after night, Abir's threat disturbs Jacob Baudin's sleep. He was one of the soldiers that participated in the mission while doing his mandatory active service, facing the predicament to fight against enemies he never chose. Jacob, born to French parents, still feels like an immigrant in Israel and tries to reconcile an identity merely granted by his status as a Jew.

After the tragedy, Abir moves to Paris to live with relatives, where he now feels trapped between two irreconcilable worlds-his asphyxiating family and an open society that offers freedom, incarnate in two young women, his cousin Noura, rebellious against the imposition of her father's religious fundamentalism, and Marion, a beautiful and vital teenager, for whom Abir falls obsessively in love.

Out of nowhere is a journey to the bounds of the consciousness of two men forced to live by identities they didn't choose and can't escape from, whose lives intersect yet again in Brussels, years later, under the heavy smoke of bombing, while an Islamic organization called The Circle terrorizes the heart of Europe.

It is a story rooted in human nature and its contrasts. Out of nowhere is a vibrant novel by Julia Navarro, that invites us to reflect upon each of our own certainties.