Generating Talent

Marina, José Antonio
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial España
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Generating Talent: How to Put Intelligence to Work develops an innovative model that explains the generation of talent as intelligence acting in a way that is suitable, brilliant and efficient. It reveals how it is generated not only in individuals, but in organizations and societies as well.

« This is an optimistic book. Not optimistic with the slightly flaccid optimism of self-help books that promise us all that we can become instant millionaires, but optimistic because it describes howneuroscience shows our capacities to be even greater than previously thought. »
José Antonio Marina

Every year, countless studies are published which measure the talent contained in organizations, countries, and even entire economies. Unfortunately, in José Antonia Marina's opinion, all these studiescontain errors in their approach. Talent is mentioned as though it were a rare and valuable gem that needs to be fought for. It doesn't matter if you are talking about the world of business or football: the important thing is to sign the best. The author argues that this old-fashioned idea, that a particular resource is like a cake we all must share, is the antithesis to a creative vision of intelligence, capable of invention and of amplifying our possibilities, our wealth and our talent.

José Antonio Marina offers us in Talent Generation tips on how to think better, feel better, make better decisions and implement them with more determination. This is the journey that the reader will take through this book.